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The Mix.

Evoke Garde is made up of innovation, creativity and inspiration.
We love challenges and finding the best ways to conquer them.

Creative Partner

From the genesis of your project, we have the skills and experience to set your efforts in the right direction.

Concept / Creative
Production Expertise

Greenlight your projects with confidence. Trust that your concept will be created accurately to the last detail.

Produce / Craft
Progressive Solutions

Healthy businesses find ways to keep growing. With years in the graphics industry, we help you develop ways to make your business more efficiant and faster without sacrificing your brand quality.

Refine / Update

Connect With Your Market

Tomorrow is here. We are in the age of hybrid media. Digital meets anologue. Together we take on each new oportunity in stride, and show the masses, this new world of printed media. There's no end to the posibilities.

  • Illustration


  • Photography


  • Video Production


  • Web Design

    Web Design

  • Mobile Aplications


  • e-commerce



We take on projects for both large organizations and upstart businesses.
Each project is unique, and each relationship is its own.


We believe in simple solutions for complex problems, working smarter and working harder. Using our experience from the printed media world, we amplify the way we problem solve. Knowing what the end goal is, sometimes completely changes the path we take to get there. It's your reputation, and we are here to maintain it's integrity.

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